Transformational Forecourt Retailing

Our stunning transformation of Junction 14 Mayfield, is featured in the latest edition of Roma Publications’ Premier Construction Magazine.

The project, which started onsite last summer, was undertaken to allow for improved parking, expanded seating space, new children’s play areas and a greatly enhanced suite of food brands, including their own-brand restaurant Mayfield Fare.

Our Managing Director, Ronan Holohan said: “We are extremely proud to have been involved in delivering this project. Junction 14 Mayfield is a complete game changer not only in Ireland but throughout Europe. Irish Forecourts have, over the last 15 years, substantially improved their food offerings. So much so, that Ireland is now considered one of the leading lights in the delivery of Forecourt Services throughout the world. But this project has blown everything else away. Junction 14 Mayfield completely changes our perception and understanding of what is expected for forecourts in the future.”

Junction 14 MayfieldJunction 14 Mayfield