Chopped 2.0 Arrives in Drogheda

We are thrilled to see the launch of Chopped 2.0 in Drogheda, receive such great coverage in last month’s edition of Premier Retail Magazine.

Drogheda was the ideal location for the roll-out of the second retail store launched by Freshly Chopped under the Chopped 2.0 brand offering. Located on the quays in Drogheda, adjacent to the port, the striking interiors perfectly accentuate the industrial surroundings of the retail premises

Textures such are exposed red brick, rustic timber, concrete and corrugated steel were all utilised within the retail store. Additional visual impact is created through bright pops of colour and elements such as oversized logos.

The strong brand identity and impactful retail environment which underpins the Freshly Chopped success story to date is evident within this new store.